Elk Calls - How to use an Elk Call

Elk Calls

by Ruben Sanchez on 02-11-2015 in Hunting Articles

The amount of hunters using elk calls has increased significantly over the past twenty years. This is because hunters have learned that elk do a lot of communicating and have deciphered it to benefit them. This section of our website is going to go over calling elk and how it came help you on your next elk hunt. If you want to buy elk calls we suggest you look at Amazon's elk call selection. They have one of the largest selections at the most affordable prices. You can also look at reviews by other hunters on the effect of the elk calls they sell. You can get started below learning more about elk calling.


The Basics of Elk Calling

An elk call is a device that is used by hunters to call or lure an elk within their area. Once the elk is within shooting range the hunter will attempt to take a proper kill shot. A hunter that knows how to properly use an elk call can greatly increase their chance of successfully harvesting an elk. Hunters have learned that elk have their own language and you can use different types of calls at different times of the year for the best success.

While some hunters tend to think that calling elk is some secretive mystery that only a few people can truly master, the truth is far from that. With the right technique and a little practice you can master the art of elk calling. Many traditional elk calls have been produced to mimic the sound of elk vocalization almost perfectly. The real trick comes to knowing what call to use at what time. Hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to learn to master the art of calling elk.


Understanding the Types of Elk Calling

There are 6 main types of elk calls, two are used for bulls (male elk) and four are used for cows (female elk). Below is a small but detailed list on the type of call and how it's commonly used when hunting elk.

Bull Elk Calls

  • Bugle - This call is used during pre and post rut to locate bull elk.
  • Raking - This call is used during pre-rut to attract bull elk.


Cow Elk Calls

  • Cow Call - This call is used during pre-rut to locate both male and female elk
  • Excite Cow Call - This call is used during the peak of rut when cows are looking to mate.
  • Mews & Soft Chirps - This call can be used to coax a bull that is hung up closer to your position.
  • Alarm Barks - This call is used to try and stop a scared elk long enough to take a shot.


Tactics and Tricks for Calling Elk

While no hunter is able to master calling elk overnight there are still several common tricks and tips you can use to be more successful when calling elk. It's recommended that you practice your calls when possible. We've even gotten reports of hunters practicing calling elk when they didn't draw a tag that hunting year just to practice and see the results. You should however check local hunting laws and regulations to make sure it's legal to call elk without a permit or tag.

Always be ready - We cannot stress enough how important it is that you're ready and setup to shoot before you start calling elk. How horrible would it be to have a bull appear and you're not even ready to take a shot! Make sure you're set to take a proper kill shot before you start calling.

Have Patience - Your mother was right, patience is a virtue and those with patience will be rewarded. Don't give up right away if you don't get any responses for your elk calls. You'll want to spend about 25 to 30 minutes calling in your area before you decide to move on.

Imitating a Herd - Once you get use to calling elk you can actually start using multiple types of elk calls to imitate a herd. By using different elk call products you can make an elk think a herd is nearby and help take the edge off.

Run Away - If you are able to get a bull nearby but it gets hung up out of shooting range you could also try running away from it, bugling as you run away. This can taunt a bull elk and get him to actually chase you. Just make sure you are able to stop suddenly and take a shot when using this technique.

Recommended Elk Call Products

Below are some of the top rated elk calls at Amazon's online store. If you click the buy links below you'll be redirected to Amazon's website to purchase the item using their secure online store.

Primos Elk Hunter's Master Pack

Primos Elk Hunter's Master Pack

When it comes to mastering the art of calling elk, Primos is way ahead of the competition. The Elk Hunter's Pack has all the tools you need to reproduce accurate calls to bring elk into range. This package includes a Hoochie Mama, a Super Pack Bugle , a Hyper Plate Single diaphragm and Mastering the Art instructional DVD.

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Primos Hoochie Mama Cow Elk Call

Primos Hoochie Mama Cow Elk Call

Primos brings a new dimension to elk hunting with this innovative call. The Hoochie Mama Cow Elk Push call replicates the sounds of a cow elk with an accuracy that's irresistible to bulls. Operates with the simple push of the bellows. This 3-in-1 call easily adjusts from mews to lost cow calls and estrus calls. It is particularly effective at reproducing the high notes of a cow's cry. Simple design allows you to become proficient with it in no time.

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Primos Hoss Bugle Elk Call

Primos Hoss Bugle Elk Call

Large resonator sound chamber amplifies bugles to an extreme decibel level for realistic, long-distance calling. Patented Support Shelf mouthpiece and Blue Snap-On Reed. Soft, flexible chamber for quiet, easy packing. Includes adjustable webbing carry strap.

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Hunter's Specialties Mac Daddy Herd Pack Elk Calls

Hunter's Specialties Mac Daddy Herd Pack Elk Calls

Beginners to seasoned veterans can use this easy-to-use Mac Daddy bugle call. Makes authentic bugles and nasally cow calls. Baffle tones down volume for close-in calling. Includes camo cover, Carlton's Estrus Squeeze Me call, double-reed diaphragm, The Complete Elk Caller DVD and instructional DVD.

Hunters Specialties Mac Daddy Wayne Carlton Herd Pack Elk Calling Kit