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by Ruben Sanchez on 09-10-2014 in Hunting Articles

Elk Hunting ArticlesWelcome to the Elk-Hunting.org article archive. Here you can view an entire list of all the elk hunting articles located on our website. If you're a hunter and interested in writing your own elk hunting article for our website feel free to contact us. We suggest that you head over to our elk hunting tips list and view some tips submitted by hunters just like you. Below you'll find a link and short description to each article located on our website.

  • Elk (Cervus Canadensis) - This article was written to teach hunters the basics of elk, also known as wapiti or by its scientific name of Cervus Canadensis. To be the best at hunting elk you need to know everything there is to know about elk. This article will give you the edge you need when you're out hunting.
  • How to Hunt Elk - This article was written to educate hunters on the basic process of hunting elk. This is an article for hunters that haven't been elk hunting. You should also head over and read our elk hunting 101 guide as an additional reference. We also recommend that on your first elk hunt that you bring a seasoned elk hunter along for the trip or use a elk hunting outfitter.
  • How to Shoot an Elk - This article was put together to show hunters how to properly shoot an elk. With proper shot placement a hunter can ensure a clean, humane kill. Proper shot placement can ensure that you successfully bring down an elk quickly and make it easy for you to recover your elk.
  • Elk Hunting Regulations - This section of our website is dedicated to making sure hunters know the current hunting laws and regulations of the state they plan on hunting in. This section will provide a hunter with all the resources they need to find current laws and regulations for hunting.
  • Elk Hunting Photos and Elk Hunting Videos - If you want to view pictures of harvested elk or see videos of elk hunts these two pages are just for you. On our elk hunting videos web page we also provide you with some of the latest DVDs you can buy on hunting elk.

There are many other articles and guides on this website that you might find useful. You should head over to our sitemap where you can view all the pages on our website. If you'd like to write hunting articles for our website feel free to contact us. If you're a elk hunting outfitter and want to write an article to promote your company check out our advertise with us web page.