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Idaho Elk Hunting OufittersChoosing the right state for elk hunting can be a difficult task. Idaho should be on every hunters option list for their next possible elk hunt. This page was designed to educate hunters on Idaho elk hunting in the Gem State. We have also compiled a list of Idaho elk hunting outfitters that you can use if you're considering using a guide on your next elk hunt. An elk hunting outfitter can be great for both a novice and expert hunter since they can really help increase the success rate of harvesting an elk.

Idaho Elk HuntingNo matter what state you choose to hunt elk in you need to follow local laws and regulations. In the great state of Idaho to legally hunt elk you must purchase a hunting license and along with you also need a special tag. Idaho also has specific date ranges that hunters are allowed to hunt elk and they are managed by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game. The revenue from the purchase of hunting licenses and elk tags helps fund Idaho's elk population management and conservation programs.

Idaho Elk Hunting Outfitters

Located below is a collection of elk hunting outfitters that provide hunts in the state of Idaho. We personally do not endorse or specifically recommend any of the below outfitters. You should also make sure to research outfitters and make sure they are properly licensed in the state they operate in. Make sure you do all your research prior to making a deposit on a future hunt. You can Advertise here if you operate an elk hunting outfit in Idaho and would like to be added below.

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