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Kentucky Elk HuntingPicking the perfect state for elk hunting isn't an easy task. Hunters should give Kentucky a look when considering their next elk hunting trip. This section of our website is dedicated to Kentucky elk hunting and will help teach hunters about hunting elk in the Bluegrass State. We've also put together a list of Kentucky elk hunting outfitters to assist those hunters that want to use a guide for their future elk hunt. You don't need to be a novice hunter to need an outfitter, even expert hunters can benefit for the success of an elk hunting outfitter.

Kentucky Elk Hunting OuttfittersRegardless what state you end up deciding to hunt elk in you'll need to abide by that state's local laws and regulations for hunting. In Kentucky hunters are required to purchase a hunting license and additionally if you want to hunt elk an elk lottery permit. Kentucky also limits the dates you are able to actually hunt elk. These dates, rules and regulations are enforced by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. The income brought in by hunting licenses and permits are what actually fund elk management and conservation programs.

Kentucky Elk Hunting Outfitters

Below is a compilation of elk hunting outfitters that offer elk hunts and elk hunting services in the state of Kentucky. This list was compiled by looking for available outfitters and does not mean we endorse or recommend the below listed outfitters. It's very important that you properly research any outfitter that you plan on using. It's important to conduct all research on that elk hunting outfitter before you make any cash deposits. You can Advertise Here if you operate an elk hunting outfit in Kentucky and would like to be listed below.

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