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Montana Elk HuntingChoosing a state for a hunting trip isn't easy. If you're looking for a good state to have your elk hunting trip in you may want to consider Montana. This portion of our website is designed to educate hunters on Montana elk hunting. Hunting elk in the Big Sky Country state can be a great experience. We've also put together a compilation of Montana elk hunting outfitters to make your research a little easier. You might want to consider using an outfitter for your elk hunt if you're new to hunting or want to increase your chance to harvest a big bull.

Montana Elk HuntingWhen it comes to following hunting regulations and laws it doesn't matter what state you hunt in, you need to follow those rules! In Montana you must purchase a hunting license and also purchase an elk permit if you wish to hunt elk. There are specific dates set by the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Department to hunt elk. The revenue that is brought in by hunters buying licenses and permits is used to fund population management and conservation programs that improve future hunting for all Montana residents and non-residents.

Montana Elk Hunting Outfitters

Below you'll find a short list of elk hunting outfitters that operate in the state of Montana. They provide elk hunting trips along with several other types of hunts. We created this list to be used as a reference guide and just because an outfitter is listed below doesn't mean we endorse or recommend them. In fact, we recommend that you do proper research against every elk hunting outfitter that you plan on using. Do not place a deposit until you are sure that outfitter is right for you. Montana elk outfitters can Advertise Here if you would like to be listed below.

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