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Elk Hunting - Hunting an Elk BullWelcome to Elk-Hunting.org, the leading website on elk hunting information and education. Our website is dedicated to educating hunters on everything related to hunting elk. The information and articles on this website are useful to both novice and expert hunters. Our primary objective is to educate hunters on how to hunt elk safely, legally and humanely. In addition to our educational articles we also provide information on elk hunting outfitters and elk hunting trips. We hope you find all the elk hunting related information you need on our website. If you can't find what you're looking for on our website then you can't find it anywhere!

Trophy Elk MountIf you're ready to dive into the exciting sport of elk hunting you can begin by using our navigational menu that is located on the right. It's recommended that if you're a novice elk hunter that you start with our elk hunting 101 article followed up by how to hunt elk. Novice elk hunters might also find our elk hunting rifles and elk hunting equipment articles quite useful. If you're a seasoned elk hunter we have stuff for you as well. The experienced elk hunter might find some useful information in our elk hunting tips. No matter what your skill level is it's still crucial that you educate yourself on elk hunting laws every new elk hunting season.

The Basics of Elk Hunting

Hunting elk (Cervus Canadensis) is a favorite sport among hunters. One reason elk hunting is so popular is to due to the quality of elk meat. Another reason is that elk can be a very challenging game animal and provide a great deal of excitement. By looking at elk hunting pictures or watching elk hunting videos you'll see the joy in the faces of the hunters featured in them. It's important that you follow all elk hunting regulations for the state that you are hunting elk in. Failure to follow those regulations can result in loss of equipment, large fines and even imprisonment.

Elk HunterlWhen you go out on your first elk hunt we suggest that you bring along someone who has experience in hunting elk. Not only can an experienced elk hunter help improve your chances of tagging an elk they can also educate you on some elk hunting tips that you learn only through experience. You should also make sure you are well educated in elk shot placement. It's the duty of ever hunter to try and do a clean kill shot to humanely bring down an elk. You might also want to learn what type of elk hunting rifle might be best for you.

If you don't know someone with elk hunting experience you can also consider using an elk hunting outfitter. While this can greatly increase the cost of your hunting trip you'll find that an outfitter can provide you with everything you need for a successful elk hunt. They can provide a majority of the hunting equipment required along with an actual guide who would go out with you on your hunt. This can sometimes seem intimidating to a novice hunter but rest assure you'd be in good hands. You can also improve your chances of tagging an elk by using the right elk call.

Elk Hunting Articles

Below is a list of some of the more popular elk hunting articles and guides available on our site. We recommend that you also use our navigational menu on the top right or our sitemap to view a list of all of our available guides and articles on hunting elk. If you would like to submit an article, report inaccurate or make a suggestion you can use our contact us form.

  • How to Hunt Elk - This is an in-depth guide on how to hunt elk. The information in this guide can be useful to both novice and seasoned elk hunters.
  • Elk Shot Placement - This guide is dedicated to the proper education of elk shot placement. A proper shot will assure a quick, humane death and make it easier to recover your elk.
  • Elk Calls - This article goes over some of the popular and successful elk calls available on the market. It also provides some vendors that sell quality elk calls.
  • Elk Hunting Regulations - This is our resource archive with all the information you need to know about elk hunting laws and regulations.
  • Videos on Elk Hunting - View our collection of elk hunting videos and also find reviews on some of the most popular elk hunting DVDs currently available. We also have some excellent reviews on elk hunting books.

We hope you find this elk hunting website to be useful and educational. Our main objective is to provide hunters with a website that would contain everything they'd ever need related to hunting elk. We would like to remind our visitors that you automatically agree to our legal disclaimer by visiting our website. You can also learn more about how we use information gained from your visit by reading our privacy policy. Enough with the legal mumbo jumbo, it's time to get out there and hunt some elk!