Archery Elk Hunting - Best Compound Bows

Archery Elk Hunting

by Ruben Sanchez on 02-11-2015 in Hunting Articles

Archery elk hunting or elk bow hunting is one of the most thrilling experiences any hunter can partake in. This guide is going to go over some of the basics of archery elk hunting and also provide you with information you need to purchase a top hunting compound bow. If you're simply looking for an elk hunting trip that involves bow hunting you should check out our elk hunting outfitters section. If you're interested in archery gear you should check out our elk hunting equipment section or visit Amazon's online store to shop their wide range of bow and archery gear. If you purchase one of these compound bows from Amazon, we get a very small percentage of the sale.

Best Compound Bows

Diamond Bowtech Crossbow

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70#

Diamond Archery has introduced the latest R.A.K. Equipped bow for the bowhunter on a budget. The Core has separated itself from its peers by redefining what it means to have a smooth draw in a durable bow you can absolutely rely on.

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25"-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package





Infinite Edge Bow

Infinite Edge Bow Package

For maximum adjustability and unlimited value, Diamond Archery has released the Infinite Edge. Pushing the limits of performance, the Infinite Edge is so versatile that it will be the last bow you'll ever have to buy. It features an incredible draw length range of 13-30 inches and draw weight range from 5-70 pounds to provide dependability throughout an archer's development.

Infinite Edge Bow Package






Diamond Archery A12388

Diamond Archery A12388 Bowtech Carbon Cure

Diamond is proud to introduce the Carbon Cure. The high performance you need featured on the lightest single cam we have ever built. Featuring an ultra smooth drawing single cam and our proven R.A.K. system this bow is ready to hit the field.

Diamond Archery A12388 Bowtech Carbon Cure RH 60# RAK Bow package Infinity






Barnett Ghost Crossbow

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package

The Ghost 350 CRT is one of the lightest bows Barnett has ever produced, weighing just over 7.5 pounds thanks to Carbon Riser Technology (CRT), which removes front-end weight and places the center of gravity at the end of the stock, while also boasting a five-to-one safety factor. Consequently, the bow shoulders with greater comfort and is easier to carry. Power has certainly not been sacrificed, however, as the bow fires at an impressive 350-feet-per-second.

Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow Package (Quiver, 3 - 20-Inch Arrows and Illuminated 3x32mm Scope)




Archery Elk HuntingPreparing for your archery elk hunting experience is vital to have a successful and safe hunt. You'll want to start out and focus on two core things, practicing your bow hunting skills and learning more about elk. You'll want to learn everything you can about elk hunting. We suggestion that you watch or purchase some elk hunting videos and even consider taking some bow hunting classes to hone your skills. If you're not schooled in proper elk shot placement it's critical that you learn it prior to going out on your hunt. You need to know exactly how to take a shot on an elk if you ever plan on bring it down and recovering the carcass. We also have an excellent article on how to hunt elk that might be useful to the novice elk bow hunter.



Conditioning for your trip is just as important as educating yourself on elk. Since most locations that have elk are at higher altitudes you'll want to start taking hikes and practicing moving about in higher altitudes where the thin air makes even the most normal tasks harder to accomplish. You might also want to increase the intensity of your conditioning by using a weighted vest on these hikes. This will help your body get conditioned to carrying items in higher altitudes. Make sure to do research on altitude sickness and be aware of what you need to be watchful for.


Bow Hunting ElkHaving the right elk hunting equipment is also very important on your future hunting trip. We've put together several articles that can be very useful to you which are located in our elk hunting equipment section. We always stress that you should only buy quality items and gear for use when hunting. You need to remember that you'll be in a remote location, away from easy medical assistance and support of others. You want to make sure you can depend on all your gear that you bring out on your hunt. You might also find it useful to purchase some elk hunting books related to bow hunting to help you decide which equipment might be best for you.


Your entire archery elk hunting trip will be successful and memorable as long as you plan properly. You'll also want to research all the latest hunting laws and regulations of the state you plan on hunting elk in. By making sure you're properly prepared, properly conditioned and properly equipped you'll know that the odds will be stacked in your favor to harvest an elk and make it out of the woods safely. You should also swing by our elk hunting tips archive which was put together by hunters just like you!